After a transition to civilian rule in 2011, Myanmar is embarking on a period of extensive political, economic and social reform.

The Government-led Comprehensive Education Sector Review (CESR), supported with coordinated technical expertise from over 15 Development Partners, strives to:

  1. Develop a knowledge-base on the strengths and challenges in the Myanmar education system and identify areas for reform;
  2. Support and contribute to the development of evidence-based policies, legislation and education sector improvements; and
  3. Develop costed education sector plans.

While the CESR has identified a broad agenda for education sector reform at all levels, three overarching and inter-linked constraints represent key leverage points for effecting change across the system:

(1) education financing;

(2) legislation and policy framework;

(3) institutional and human resource capacity.

The Learning for All Ministerial meeting addressed these particular challenges with several targeted solutions expanded upon in the  country background paper.


Photo Credit: UNICEF