Somalia is in a state of political and social transition; from acute emergency to the early stages of development. Somalia has one of the world’s lowest enrollment rates for primary school-aged children while the number of out-of-school/at-risk children and youth is approximately half of the total population.

Three overall constraints were identified in the Learning for All Ministerial background document:

  • CONSTRAINT 1: Low Access to Primary Education
  • CONSTRAINT 2: Poor Quality of Primary Education
  • CONSTRAINT 3: Weak Institutional and Technical Capacity of the Ministry of Education

Several solutions developed in the in-country consultations include:

  • More flexible and innovative education delivery programs
  • Increasing the number of permanent schools
  • Increasing the size of the teaching cohort by recruiting more women to the profession
  • Increasing the number of qualified teachers especially in rural/remote areas
  • Increasing the number of teaching and learning materials
  • Enhanced technical and institutional capacity of the ministry
  • Enhanced financial capacity and management at the ministry


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Photo Credit: UNICEF