“Global education faces crisis with decline in aid” warns UN Special Envoy

“Global education is facing a crisis following a ten percent cut in aid just at the moment the international community needs to step up efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals,” said Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education, in response to today’s announcement that aid to basic education has fallen according to the UNESCO Global Monitoring Report (GMR).

Brown said:

“With 57 million children out of school and just over one year to reach our global goal of universal primary education, we cannot stop our efforts and I urge the donor community to do more to support education.

The new UNESCO GMR figures reflect the aid scenario leading up to 2012 when we launched the Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative.   It is now time for the global community to demonstrate that because of the new global push for universal education, we are seriously responding to the crisis with concrete financing pledges and commitments to enroll more children into school. 

The replenishment of the Global Partnership for Education in two weeks time is a first opportunity to do this. We must support the GPE to reach its $3.5 billion financing target and help 29 million children go to school during the next financing cycle.

The plight of Syrian refugee children, the desperate need for safe schools in Northern Nigeria as made clear by the kidnapping of the girls of Chibok, and the important work necessary from Pakistan to South Sudan to get all children in school make it clear that now is not the time to scale back and give up on the world’s children — it is the time to recommit and scale-up.”

Photo Credit: Global Partnership for Education